Lego – Instructions for Building a Lego Grill

My son Hanoch is 5 years old, and he simply LOVES Lego. He also has an imagination and creative thinking that I envy. He recently started reading Lego instructions and manages to build fairly complex sets without any help (YES!). After building a grill for his Lego house, he decided that it was missing something… Instructions! Here’s the result:

Instructions for building a Lego Grill:


See the numbers from bottom to top? My son seems to be a functional programmer :-). Anyway, I sat down and followed the instructions:

1. Step1

2. step2

3. step3

4. step4

5. step5

6. step6

7. step7

And there you have it, a Lego grill. Start organizing a BBQ for all of your minifigures.



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