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Book Review – The Journey

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The JourneyAnother venture into the “I can cure myself” theme that I started with I Can See Clearly Now, Brandon Bayes tells her story managed to hear herself from cancer, with no drugs, no operations, just by herself, trying to understand what was causing her this damage and how she could let go rid of it.

What can I say… I understand that her story is true, and I believe that miracles happen. But this woman was doing Yoga every day, eating the best food possible, meditating, and still, cancer got to her! And then she went and revived a trauma that she had as a child, which cured her from everything. Simply awesome. She then decides to define the method and teach it all over the world.

Man. I just wish it was always that simple. I just wish :-(

If you want to read the book, you can buy it from amazon.





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December 24th, 2017 at 8:31 am

Book Review – I Can See Clearly Now

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When I started reading I Can See Clearly Now, I had no idea why it was on my kindle. And this made me very curious… I’m happy that I found it, and when I later found out that my wife had bought it and never read it, we had a good laugh together :-). As the author wrote “I have never taken lightly any book that seems to just show up in my life… God works in mysterious ways”

The book is a summary of the life-journey of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. And what a journey he had! Starting from a broken family, through the army, academia, and then into a deeper understanding of the human being, self-healing, and pursuing your dreams.

Many self-help books (and I’ve read some) are written by people that are hard for me to connect with. Spiritualists from the start, living in their yoga-filled life, relaxed all day, etc… But not this one. Dr. Wayne studied formal psychology (if I remember correctly), taught at a university, and had private practice. But that did not stop from asking if what he was doing was the right thing, and if it was not, then how could he help? And so his journey started.

What I really liked about this book is how the author talks about his experience, and how he experienced it. He does not tell the reader what to do, think, or behave. He just tells his story in a clear and straightforward way, through the story of his life.

There are many things I learned through this book – but mainly that you have the internal power to affect reality in a really strong way. Something I have been thinking about a lot, and this book added more logs to that fire.

A really enjoyable book.

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November 17th, 2016 at 10:27 pm

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