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June 29th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

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  1. In the objectprocessdiagrameditpart your figure is an freeform layer with setopaque set to false. My scenario here is i have two editparts one is the root with figure as freeformlayer and an child editpart which is also has an figure of freeformlayer . both has setopaque as false . the child figure does not extend to all four directions. it works only when child figures setbounds is given ?


    6 Sep 11 at 11:42

  2. My ObjectProcessDiagram figure does not define any opacity. Take a look at the code here. What are the contents of the child figure? if you only draw a freeformlayer you wont see it.. I don’t seem to understand what you are trying to do.


    6 Sep 11 at 11:47

  3. hi, how to create an collapsable and expandable containers. the figure when expanded should show the children and should hide the children when collpased and display in a small size . its similar to windows maximize and minimize.



    6 Sep 11 at 12:33

  4. No idea… If you find out how to do this I’ll be glad to learn.


    6 Sep 11 at 13:26

  5. Hi Do you know how to make the label multiline and wrappable.


    7 Sep 11 at 07:41

  6. You can see an example of a multiline and wrappable lable in the tooltip tutorial


    7 Sep 11 at 08:44

  7. ya i have seen the tutorial . i have an figure with toolbarlayout containing two label as childrens . one displaying an icon and aother displaying text . when i perform direct edit on the label the label text is displayed like bbb…. beyound the bounds of the parent . i would like to increase the parent figure automatically as and when the child resizes


    7 Sep 11 at 09:02

  8. You can retrieve the full size of the label using the Label’s getTextBounds() method. So at the end of the label editing’s action/command, you can also resize its container.


    7 Sep 11 at 09:38

  9. thanks a lot so much for your reply it worked and my container is able to resize accordingly


    7 Sep 11 at 10:21

  10. I want to display any problems in the model in the problem view. Also when the user clicks on the problem view, it should select the particular EditPart (whose model caused the problem ) example => there should be no nodes in gef editor without any outgoing connnection then if u have an node which does not have any outgoing connections and u perform save action . the editor should display that there is no outgoing connection from the node and when clicked on the error in problems view then it should select the particular EditPart (whose model caused the problem )


    7 Sep 11 at 20:29

  11. Hi Karthick. I have not yet worked with the Problems view. From your questions you seem to be developing a complex application, so you should thoroughly read the eclipse plug-in documentation. If you find out things that are not listed in my tutorial I’ll be glad to know. Furthermore, you could open a blog where you can share this with others.


    8 Sep 11 at 14:47

  12. I am working on a project that has very intensive visualizations and needs to be able to actively manipulate these visualizations. Is it possible to render 2D bar-charts and graphs using GEF or GEF3D?


    13 Oct 11 at 21:32

  13. Although I haven’t seen this, I’m pretty sure it can be done since graph2d is a very flexible tool. I heard of some using GEF to plot graphs of tens of thousands of points so I guess performance wise it will also work. I would be glad if you could share with me the results of any checks you do (even if you finish using another framework).


    14 Oct 11 at 09:54

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